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Problem with Fibonacci For loop

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Mary Jeppson
Mary Jeppson 12 May 2016
댓글: Mary Jeppson 13 May 2016
Here is my code:
f(1) = input('What is the first number of the sequence?')
f(2) = input('What is the second number?')
n = input('How many elements would you like to calculate?')
for k = 3:n
f(k) = f(k-2)+f(k-1)
Why am I exceeding matrix dimensions? Thanks for your help.

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Jos (10584)
Jos (10584) 12 May 2016
It runs fine with me. When and where does the error occur?
Mary Jeppson
Mary Jeppson 13 May 2016
Thanks Jos,the program stopped reporting the error. Thank you for your reply.

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