How can I simulate a 2 phases voltage dip in simulink/matlab?

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behzad . 2016년 5월 5일
답변: Muhammed Fasil . 2016년 5월 10일
I'm working on Fault Ride Through capability improvement of DFIG-based wind turbines. I want to simulate a 2 phases voltage dip in simulink area and then use my idea to reach my goal. but i dont khow how i can.

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Muhammed Fasil
Muhammed Fasil 2016년 5월 10일
Please explain in detail. You can use a manual switch and then use two constant block(rated value and dipped value) for the phase magnitude inputs. Near RUN button there is a backward arrow. You can pause the simulation when it reaches some time (say 1 second) and click on manual switch to new value(dip) and repause the simulation. Or you can use THREE PHASE PROGRAMMABLE GENERATOR directly and select time variation of amplitude.


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