Saving git log number of the current commit in MATLAB

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Brando Miranda
Brando Miranda . 2016년 3월 22일
댓글: Robert Cadman . 2023년 8월 24일
I wanted to save the current git commit hash of the code that I am currently running. Ideally, something like:
git_hash_string = get_current_git_hash()
and then have it written to some file or displayed to the matlab command line. Is that possible?

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Kelly Kearney
Kelly Kearney 2016년 3월 22일
To simply query using the git command via the OS:
[s,git_hash_string] = system('git rev-parse HEAD')
Not sure how this might play with Matlab's git stuff... I haven't touched that, but use git separately to manage several of my Matlab libraries. I assume the underlying git management is the same regardless of whether you initialized the repo in Matlab or outside of it.
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Robert Cadman
Robert Cadman 2023년 8월 24일
As of git on Linux, this gives me "Unknown option: -C"
[s,r] = system('git --git-dir=/path/to/repo/.git rev-parse HEAD')
To make it work, I had to give it the path to the hidden directory ".git" in my repo.

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men8th 2023년 3월 3일
If you are wanting to get a build number then I find the following works well:
system("git describe --tags --first-parent --abbrev=7 --long --dirty --always")
This will return the most recent tag in the repo, followed by the commit hash. I then write this to a file and append with a timestamp. You can then read the value from the file to get a build ID for your toolbox or similar, which can be displayed with the output.
Build: 1.0-4-gb52160e 03-Mar-2023 12:58:39
Inspired by the following from Stack Overflow.


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