Does Embeded Coder in MATLAB 2015a has TI C2000 support?

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shiming liu
shiming liu 2016년 3월 22일
댓글: shiming liu 2016년 3월 23일
In my matlab2015a, under the Embedded Coder,Embedded Targets, Processors, there is only one choice, Texas Instruments C5000. Anyone can tell me why there's no C2000 items?

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Brian McKay
Brian McKay 2016년 3월 22일
MathWorks C2000 support comes via a Support Package.
To get it, go to the MATLAB toolstrip, click Add-ons -> Get Hardware Support Packages to start the Support package Installer. From there you can select Texas Instruments C2000.
There is more info and installation instructions at this doc link (MathWorks Account login may be required):


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