Using I2C with arduino For accelerometer

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Jordan Prentice
Jordan Prentice 2016년 3월 20일
답변: Gayatri Menon 2022년 3월 13일
I am trying to implement an accelerometer using the simulink support package for arduino hardware , using the I2C read block and an adafruit-bno055 accelerometer. I am just using the read block set to the register i want to read and set to a scope but no values are outputted
Any help on how to use the I2C read block would be much appreciated


Anh 2017년 1월 12일
I am having the same problem that I couldn't get bno055 imu data from the I2C read block, even though I thought I had correct block parameters. Would you let me know how you solved this problem?? Thank you:)
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Jordan Prentice
Jordan Prentice 2017년 7월 30일
I spoke to a few others but everybody was having the same issue so abandoned the use of the block and tried a different method.

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Gayatri Menon
Gayatri Menon 2022년 3월 13일
Consider using BNO055 block to read data from sensor connected to arduino

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