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How to save results in a text file that can be read by windows and mac machines?

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Meshooo 15 Mar 2016
댓글: Meshooo 18 Mar 2016
Dear all,
I'm trying to save the results in a text file by pressing a button in the developed GUI. I want this to be possible for both Windows and Mac users. Is there any way to do so?
Before I use this code for creating an excel file and save the results. But for Mac users or if no excel program then it was a problem.
Excel = actxserver('Excel.Application');
Workbooks = Excel.Workbooks;
Workbook = invoke(Workbooks, 'Add');
Sheets = Excel.ActiveWorkBook.Sheets;
Sheet1 = get(Sheets, 'Item', 1);
Shapes = Sheet1.Shapes;

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 15 Mar 2016
MATLAB on mac can read xlsx files but not necessarily xls files.
You can also write csv files.
Or you can use fopen, fprintf, fclose to write a text file.

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