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Want to create a flickering screen saver code to run in Matlab..or try to imitate an EMP.

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Andy Keane
Andy Keane 13 Mar 2016
댓글: Jan 13 Mar 2016
Hey hows it going, I have wrote a script for a nuclear casuality estimator according to yield and country, I am adding in a bit of flair and wanted to add in an "EMP" so the end user gets hit by it.
So far I have the pretty lame:
%Anthony Andrews Code EMP simulation
system('%systemroot%\system32\scrnsave.scr /s')
It's funny as it starts when the PC is doing the calculating and about to present the data.
I was wondering if there is a way I can "jazz it up" a bit?
Any ideas?
I was thinking a static screen with a bit of noise before the screen cuts off, or even replacing the screensaver with something funny.
Any ideas?


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