Can ping to LEGO EV3 wifi (Netgear) IP address, but fail to connect to it wirelessly - usb connection works. Any suggestions?

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Paul Bothma
Paul Bothma 2016년 3월 11일
댓글: Izzi Floyd 2022년 4월 28일 14:28
mylego = legoev3('usb')
mylego =
legoev3 with properties:
FirmwareVersion: 'V1.09E'
HardwareID: []
IPAddress: []
CommunicationType: 'USB'
BatteryLevel: 100
ConnectedSensors: {'touch' 'gyro' 'color' 'sonic'}
>> mylego = legoev3('wifi','','00165348b96b')
Error using legoev3 (line 271)
Failed to connect to ''. Please check your network settings.
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pravin behera
pravin behera 2016년 3월 15일
Hey hello... Try doing this way.. first connect your LEGO EV3 to wifi through NETGEAR, then go to brick settings>> Brick Info(very bottom)>> IP address (also u can get many info) >> ID
note down the "IP address" and "ID"
now try wirting this code to connect to wifi through matlab
mylego = legoev3('wifi','','001653497c86')
and my ip address is "" my LEGO ID is "001653497c86"
This should work, it works for me :)
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Bookwormo 2016년 11월 20일
Thanks for sharing this. I have firmware 1.09E installed but I receive the following error message with the code snippet above: Error using error Unable to load a message catalog 'legoev3io:build'. Please check the file location and format.
Error in legoev3 (line 237) error(message('legoev3io:build:Legoev3WiFiFailed'));

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Jwalant Bhatt
Jwalant Bhatt 2017년 11월 28일
It connects through wifi dongle by downgrading the firmware to 1.08 H.
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RR 2020년 2월 13일
That link doesn't work anymore but I found it here. Firmware V1.08H worked on my EV3 brick and allowed Simulink to run on it finally. It would have saved me a lot of time if the Mathworks had checked for incompatible firmware in their support package communications object code and pointed the user to this firmware upon failure rather than waiting for users to spend hours researching and trying other firmware. V1.09D didn't work for me either.

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fox tan
fox tan 2016년 5월 18일
편집: fox tan 2016년 5월 18일
if I just install MATLAB support packge for EV3,it can conncet to EV3 via wifi. But when I intalled simulink support packge for EV3, matlab cannot conncet to EV3.

Graham Chow
Graham Chow 2019년 1월 18일
편집: Graham Chow 2019년 1월 18일
In version 1.09H and 1.09E they have removed telnet access so you can't connect.
However in version 1.09D (special developer version lego have made), you can connect to via telnet. But they have added a password. It is possible (and I have done it) to modify the legoev3.m and evShell_IO.m files to send through the password and successfully connect. But I have not worked out how to do this in simulink - maybe matlab used compiled code to connect up to the ev3.
So the short answer is yes, you need to use 1.08H or 1.08E.
I suppose mathworks could support 1.09D if they really wanted to make a change, but I'm not seeing the benefits.
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Izzi Floyd
Izzi Floyd 2022년 4월 28일 14:28
Does anyone have a copy of this firmware that works with the Edimax wifi dongle?
I've been using Ev3's with Simulink for a few years but just got some more bricks and need to downgrade from the V1.09 firmware it is shipped with as it doesn't work anymore. The link above doesn't have the bin file anymore.

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Estibaliz NuÑez Gonzalez
Estibaliz NuÑez Gonzalez 2021년 6월 22일
I didn't expect this from matlab, if they are not supporting the standard version of the EV3 brick, at least they should update the software to show an error saying Toolbox is only compatible with versions 1.08, ...... And at least provide a link to download the version, so it is easy to downgrade.
I cannot find the older version anywhere. I was thinking to buy this toolbox (because now i am using it in my wife's computer as she is a student and have a license to students... But paying for a software that it is not compatible with standard lego EV3 and providing no solution, is not a good busines...
Does anybody can tell me where i can download an older version, please

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