How do I fix rtiostream​_serial_c2​8x.c?

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John Bledsoe
John Bledsoe 2016년 1월 19일
답변: Sumith Sekharan 2016년 6월 7일
I am trying to run a very simple Simulink model in PIL mode. I get the following error.
"C:/MATLAB/SupportPackages/R2015b/texasinstrumentsc2000base/toolbox/target/supportpackages/tic2000_base/pil/+tic2000codertargetpil/../../src/rtiostream_serial_c28x.c", line 177: error: struct "SCIFFTX_BITS" has no field "TXFIFOXRESET".
Is there a problem with rtiostream_serial_c28x.c? or am I missing a setup parameter?

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DKalale 2016년 6월 3일
Hi John,
I actually just ran across this issue today at work. There is an error in the *.tlc file that generates the C code. Just as an FYI, I am trying to compile this for the F28377S Launchpad.
Here is the file that I had to change to get things working. Of course, some of the directory names might be different for you. C:\MATLAB\SupportPackages\R2016aPrerelease\toolbox\target\supportpackages\tic2000\tlc_c\ti_c28x_init_sci.tlc
Once in the file, I went down to line 165 (hopefully the same line in your file) and changed it to the following:
%<SciRegs>.SCIFFTX.bit.TXFIFORESET = 1; /* Re-enable transmit FIFO operation.*/
It had "TXFIFOXRESET" and after looking in TI's technical reference manual, it appears that is just a typo and the X should not be in the name... The technical reference manual is located here (I was looking on page 1929 or so):
I hope this fixes your issue. Not quite sure how to report this as a bug to Mathworks.

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Sumith Sekharan
Sumith Sekharan 2016년 6월 7일
Hi John,
This issue is due to the difference in the register definition for SCIFFTX_BITS in TI ControlSUITE file F2837xS_sci.h. This register definition is changed after v160 of F2837xS ControlSUITE files (For example C:\ti\controlSUITE\device_support\F2837xS\v160). Issue is fixed in latest version of support package for R2016a.
Hope this helps. Thanks, Sumith


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