How to programmatically determine if in headless mode..?

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Bradley Stiritz
Bradley Stiritz 2012년 1월 14일
I'm working on an issue with the Parallel Computing Toolbox (PCT)..
As each MATLAB.exe worker thread process is initialized, startup.m is executed. All worker threads are "headless" (no output window). Certain graphics-related function calls that are fine-- when launched within the full MATLAB app with its output capability-- can cause problems in the headless context.
I have a graphics-related function that's very convenient to have in the full MATLAB app's startup.m, but mustn't execute in the PCT worker thread context. Is there a function call I can insert into startup.m to determine if its MATLAB.exe process is running in headless mode? I would like to use as follows:
% Is there an output window associated with this MATLAB.exe process?
if ~isInHeadlessMode()
% YES : render graphics window
Any help appreciated, Thanks, Brad

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Edric Ellis
Edric Ellis 2012년 1월 16일
One option is to check:
java.lang.System.getProperty( 'java.awt.headless' )
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Bradley Stiritz
Bradley Stiritz 2012년 1월 23일
Thanks for the deeper understanding, very appreciated. Sorry to have judged your suggestion too superficially. Accepting now..

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Bradley Stiritz
Bradley Stiritz 2012년 1월 17일
Per Nathan Lloyd in Mathworks PCT support, the native MATLAB usejava() function can be used to determine whether the executing MATLAB.exe instance is in 'desktop' or 'headless' mode..
"[The following] code checks to see if a desktop exists before executing the sensitive block of code. For any worker, the desktop will never exist, so the code will be jumped over and the workers will persist; while the client MATLAB will execute the 'startup.m' file without issues."
if usejava('desktop')
% YES : render graphics window

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