Why digital outputs of NI PCI-6229 card never change in xPC?

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ham ha
ham ha 2011년 3월 6일
I use a NI PCI-6229 card with xPC-Target. I set the first eight digital I/O´s as outputs. While everything is OK when I test the outputs with NI Measurement Studio in windows, in xPC-Target with a simple model (one pulse generator + digital output block of PCI-6229) the outputs are permanently "low".
It seems xPC has a problem with NI PCI-6229. Digital outputs value of this card never change. What can I do? What is the problem?

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Gordon Weast
Gordon Weast 2011년 3월 29일
I would need to know exactly how you have the digital output block configured and then exactly which pins you're looking for the signals on.
We've got the static DIO lines separate from the PFI DIO lines, unlike the NI drivers. Could that be the problem?
Also, it is always very helpful to know which version of Matlab you're using.
Gordon Weast xPC Target Development

James  Robertson
James Robertson 2011년 10월 27일
I am able to use the digital outputs on my NI PCI-6229 with xPC Target Embedded Option (ver 2010b) without the above problem. I don't think it is a problem with the software.


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