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Is RF toolbox able to read touchstone v2 (.ts) files ?

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Quenson Damien
Quenson Damien 4 Dec 2015
댓글: John Wincn 27 Jan 2020
I want to know what touchstone formats Matlab and RF toolbox can read. Touchstone v1 (.s2p, .s4p, .s8p, ...?) Touchstone v2 (.ts) ?
Thanks ! Damien

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Mark 4 Dec 2015
편집: Walter Roberson 4 Dec 2015
RF Toolbox can read Touchstone v1, e.g.
>> S = sparameters('default.s4p')
If the file doesn't end in .sNp, the sparameters function throws a warning but it still works, e.g.
>> S = sparameters('passive.ts')

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John Wincn
John Wincn 27 Jan 2020
It seems R2019a does't like all aspects of *.tx file format:
>> s = sparameters('TX3-RX3_1.5m_2020jan27.ts');
Warning: The extension .ts is unrecognized. Attempting to read the file using the Touchstone format.
> In rf.internal.netparams.AllParameters/readRFFile
In rf.internal.netparams.AllParameters
In rf.internal.netparams.ScatteringParameters
In sparameters (line 80)
Error using rf.file.touchstone.Data/read
The following line of data is inconsistent with Touchstone format:
[Number of Ports] 4
Error in rf.file.touchstone.Data
Error in rf.internal.netparams.AllParameters/readRFFile
Error in rf.internal.netparams.AllParameters
Error in rf.internal.netparams.ScatteringParameters
Error in sparameters (line 80)
obj = obj@rf.internal.netparams.ScatteringParameters(varargin{:});

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