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How to model resources with two serial server tasks in SimEvents

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Zahra Moussavi
Zahra Moussavi 2015년 11월 24일
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Hi, I want to model a concreting process with SimEvents. In this process trucks are entities that enters a waiting queue before the pump and wait for the pump to be free to be able to serve them. The problem is that in my model, once a pump is assigned to a truck, the occupation time of the pump depends on two serial tasks (positioning and unloading) with different time distributions. I modeled these two serial tasks by two serial N-servers and released the pump after the second task. But it doesn't act as I expected.
For testing the model I put 2 for service time of positioning and 1 for service time of unloading. So I expect the first truck to depart from the Pump at 3 and the next one as 6. Cause the pump will be released at 3 and the next action takes 3 as well. but the results are as below:
Which means that trucks do not wait for both positioning and loading to be completed and once the positioning finishes they move through the server. Any idea how I can fix this?
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Zahra Moussavi
Zahra Moussavi 2015년 12월 4일
Hi Teresa,
Thank you. True I had more than one pump in my resource pool.


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