Problem saving cell to txt file

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monkey_matlab 2015년 11월 19일
편집: monkey_matlab 2015년 11월 19일
Hello, I am trying to save different size arrays to a text file. Can you help me save my arrays to the text file?
Here is my code:
A = (0.5)*rand(15,1);
B = (0.5)*rand(15,1);
C = (0.5)*rand(20,1);
D = (0.5)*rand(20,1);
E = (0.5)*rand(20,1);
outA = num2cell(A);
outB = num2cell(B);
outC = num2cell(C);
outD = num2cell(D);
outE = num2cell(E);
Arows = size(outA);
fileID = fopen('check.txt','w');
for row = 1:Arows;
fprintf(fileID, '%6f,\r\n' ,outA{row,:});
%CELL = {[outA] [outB] [outC] [outD]};
CELL = [{outA} {outB} {outC} {outD} {outE}];
% fileID = fopen('check.txt','w');
% fprintf(fileID,'%6s %6s %6s %6s %6s\r\n','a','b', 'c', 'd', 'e');
% fprintf(fileID,'%6.5f %6.5f %6.5f %6.5f %6.5f\r\n',CELL);
% fclose(fileID);

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John Petersen
John Petersen 2015년 11월 19일
The error is telling you that you can't use cells in your print function. That's because cell arrays can be different lengths, as you have tried to do. It's like trying to convert different size cell arrays into a matrix -- it doesn't work because a matrix needs all the columns to have the same number of rows.

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