xPc Target network communication

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Shelia kk
Shelia kk 2012년 1월 8일
I am trying to connect two computers by using network adapters to use xpc target. However I have several problems:
1. Do the both network adapters have to be compatible with xpc target or only the target pc network adapter is enough?
2. I have formated the target pc and create a FAT32 partition. However I don't know how to set a static IP to the target pc. It is easy in windows but without an operating system how will I know the IP of the target pc?

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Gordon Weast
Gordon Weast 2012년 2월 10일
This setup is the normal one.
The host Ethernet adapter just has to have a Windows driver. You configure that one to use a static IP address. Typically you want to use one of the non-routable address groups to keep the host-target communication off of your larger network.
I typically use for the host static IP address on the second Ethernet adapter in the host. I use that one to talk to any xPC Target boxes I have.
When you configure a kernel for a target, you specify the IP address that it will use. For instance, with the address I've listed above for the host, I'll configure TargetPC1 to in xpcexplr before creating the bootable kernel.
All this is covered in our documentation.


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