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Establish I2C connection with LEGO Mindstorms EV3

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JStueper 3 Nov 2015
댓글: Benedict Bauer 8 Jan 2017
Hello everybody,
for a project I am looking for help. I need to establish an I2C connection to the EV3 of LEGO Mindstorms. Is there any way I can do that?
I am using the "MATLAB Support Package for LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 Hardware" but want to work with a sensor which uses I2C communication.
If anyone has an idea how to do so, I would really appreciate your help! If there are any questions please ask.
Best regards, Jonas

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Benedict Bauer
Benedict Bauer 8 Jan 2017
Hello there,
I have the same problem here. I want to use a mindsensors GlideWheel-AS Angle Sensor. But I have no clue how to implement that. Is there someone with the same problem? It would be really nice to get some help.
Best regards Benedict

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