USB Ethernet Adapters for XPC 5.1

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Ayhan 2011년 12월 30일
Hello; For xPC Target Version 5.1 (R2011b), I have seen that AX88772 chipset USB Ethernet Adapters are supperted. I have seen on ASIX website AX88772 also have AX88772A and AX88772B versions. AX88772B version has much wider operating temperature range than others. AX88772 has MII mac interface while AX88772B has RMII mac interface (it seems this is about their own internal hardware). I want to ask whether AX88772B is also supported or not?
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Gordon Weast
Gordon Weast 2012년 2월 10일
I'm not absolutely sure, but I suspect that the B version uses the same protocols, but the hardware is just designed for wider temperature ranges.


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