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Inserting date and time variables into graphs title

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I have the following code:
start_end_time = endDate-startDate;
start_end_time_days = days(start_end_time);
When I try to set title on the plot like this:
Ticker = 'SPY';
title([Ticker, ' Bought in ', char(start_end_time_days), ' days before some event']);
I get an empty string: SPY Bought in days before some event
I experimented with the code removing char() and doing like:
title([Ticker, ' Bought in ', start_end_time_days, ' days before some event']);
though it didn't help either.

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Jan 18 Oct 2015
I do not find the command days in the documentation. What kind of variable does it reply? Please post the type and the value.
Andrei Makarskiy
Andrei Makarskiy 19 Oct 2015
>> start_end_time_days = days(start_end_time)
start_end_time_days =
BTW, where's the yesterdays comment, Jan? It helped )

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Jan 18 Oct 2015
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Pure guessing:
If days replies the number of days as a double value:
Ticker = 'SPY';
title([Ticker, ' Bought in ', sprintf('%f', start_end_time_days), ...
' days before some event']);
Or shorter (and perhaps with %d instead of %f):
title(sprintf('%s Bought in %d days before some event', ...
Ticker, start_end_time_days));

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Andrei Makarskiy
Andrei Makarskiy 19 Oct 2015
That's solved the issue. Thanks ) I used the second one.

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