how can i reduce the time needed to load runs in the SDI

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Albert Mathews
Albert Mathews 2015년 7월 30일
편집: Albert Mathews 2015년 7월 30일
i have simulations runs which have ~2000 signals logged and i am presently using the simulink data inspector to plot and review the results. my colleagues and i have noticed that loading mat files to the SDI takes a long time, so we added some scripting to track some metrics. we have seen that load times differ significantly between PCs. for example, the same process on these two machine was:
  • i7-4712HQ CPU @ 2.3GHz = 1306 sec
  • i7-4700MQ CPU @ 2.40GHz = 366sec
we have already divided our output data into smaller chunks for selective loading which does help, but sometimes, like for comparing runs, its best to load all data. in the most extreme cases this can take 40-50 minutes as seen on several PCs. although its still worth it to wait to see the compare runs results, it would certainly be more valuable if it took <5min.
in the example above, the machine that took 1306 sec has 8 cores, but we notice only one is used to load data to the SDI, the others are virtually idle.
is there a way to decrease the time needed to load data to the SDI? can we leverage additional available cores for this? is there a better tool than the SDI to achieve our end goal of reviewing and comparing simulation data?


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