Applying Model/Trim Command to a Simulink Model with Bus Objects at Inports/Outports

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I have a simple Simulink Model called "mdl_w_bus_obj.slx" containing an inport, an Integrator, and an outport. Inport and outport are defined via bus objects.
If I want to trim this model I got the error:
Error using trim_trim_alg (line 162) Model 'mdl_w_bus_obj' contains non-double or complex signals. Cannot set non-double or complex external inputs. Use Data Type Conversions
Obviously, I got the same error if I use the model command:
y = mdl_w_bus_obj(t0, x0, u0, 'outputs')
Without the bus definitions at inport and outport the trim routine works fine.
Is there a Workaround? Actually, I dont want to modify the model. Hopefully, attaching the model to this post works.
All the best and thanks for any answer,


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