Bus Objects using multiple Data Dictionaries in Large Models

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I have a large model containing several model references. I am using Data Dictionaries. I want to seperate bus objects from Parameters and configuration Parameters within the Data Dictionaries. Of course I need a lot of references among the DD because every Input in a Mdl Reference requires the referencing of the according DD. My Suggestion is to link ALL DD containing bus objects to one global DD containing only bus objects.
What are you experiences? Do have better ideas / architectures?
Thanks for any Input.

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Sebastian Castro
Sebastian Castro 2015년 7월 10일
I agree with your idea.
Assuming you want to have one separate dictionary of parameters for each model? If so, each of those dictionaries can reference the same "Global Bus Data" dictionary, as you said.
If your top model's parameters are needed by the lower models as well, you can also create a hierarchy of parameter dictionaries that way. The data dictionary of a model would reference the dictionary of the parent, and so on. If you do this, then you technically only have to reference the bus data in the top model's dictionary... since it would need to be used by all other child models anyway.
- Sebastian

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