update diagram (ctrl-D) fails due to missing bus signal, but the Bus Selector GUI finds the signal in the bus

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I have a model which is failing update diagram for the subject reason. I have tried several things, but none work.
  • tried re-selecting the signal
  • tried deleting the bus selector, the problem just shifted to another bus selector looking at the same bus.
each time, the error appears in the command line, but clicking the hyper link to the model location, and opening the bus selector GUI, shows that the signal is available. I have gone through the path from signal/bus original, to some signal destinations, each time, all bus creators and selectors show the signals as available. Also, there are not other missing signals in any of the bus selectors getting signals from this bus. I cant find any error except the error at the command line. any help? im using Matlab Simulink R2013b.

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Drew Davis
Drew Davis 2015년 6월 23일
See this answers page which may be relevant in your case
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Albert Mathews
Albert Mathews 2015년 6월 23일
thank you, i appreciate the help. In my case, the model in its native location passes ctrlD, and can be used to generate code. However, when it is copied to another location (test harness model for example), this error appears. And what is strange and unseen from my experience in this case is that there appears to be no error from the bus selector GUI, but yet one appear at ctrlD cmd line (i.e. there is no way to see the error in the model). Although I would prefer use bus objects and a well structured model, unfortunately I must use this legacy model for the task at hand. Given these constraints, I'm curious to know if anyone else has seen this behaviour, and if so, is there an easier fix than restructuring the bus hierarchy. thanks again for the help.

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Albert Mathews
Albert Mathews 2015년 7월 30일
answering my own question. there was an upstream subsystem feeding the nested bus which was "commented out" in simulink. meaning, right click>comment out. for some reason doing this fails ctrlD, but still allows the mapping of signals, carried by nested buses, which originate form the commented out subsystem. uncomment-out the subsystem, and the ctrlD error goes away.

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