How can I feed a time schedule to appliances while using AC voltage source?

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My goal is to find the total electricity consumption by each household appliance. Right now, I am trying to build a model of dish washer which needs a schedule to run water pump motor and drying coil=water heater coil.
I have tried following things.
1. signal builder which is helpful to create 0 and 1 at desired time but I found that electric switch with AC voltage supply does not accept the signal from ' signal builder'. switch only accepts physical signals. ( is there any way that we can convert the output of 'signal builder' which can be accepted by 'switch'?.
2. I have tried ' repeating sequence'( signal type: discrete) with ' PS constant delay' which helps to switch the AC source on and off but I am not getting how these functions can be used to feed following schedule: * stage1: water pump on for 15 min stage2: water heater on for 15 min stage3: water pump on for 15 min stage4: drying coil on for 15 min. ( drying coil and water heater coil is same)
is there any other tool in Simulink which is more appropriate to solve this kind of problem?


Drew Davis
Drew Davis 2015년 6월 23일


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