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I want to overwrite my old xls file with the new xls file each time i generate a new data

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Steve 2011년 11월 24일
I am new to matlab and I am using "xlswrite" operation. At 1st, I am generating 150 data into a xls file. After the 1st testing, I am thinking to generate 2 data into the xls but only the 1st and 2nd data in the xls file being overwritten and data from 3rd until 150th of the 1st testing is still there. What can I do to make sure I only get the numbers of data that I want in the xls file?
My codes as below
a=input('Enter Number of Cities need to travel: ');
city= randi(100,[a,b])

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LY Cao
LY Cao 2011년 11월 24일
a = input('Enter Number of Cities need to travel: ');
b = 2;
t = xlsread('Data.xls');
if ~isempty(t)
city = randi(100,[a,b]);

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