Is there a way to bypass including the MCR and downloading the MCR in your package and still be able to build a package in R2014b?

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I am running my deployable application on a closed network. I do not want it to download the MCR from the website nor do I want it to include the MCR in the executable. However, the application compiler will not allow you to package if neither of these options are selected.


Abhiram Bhanuprakash
Abhiram Bhanuprakash 2015년 5월 7일
Hi Tommie,
MCR (MATLAB Compiler Runtime) is required to be installed on the machine on which you deploy the application. This is because, the machine on which you deploy typically does not have MATLAB installed, and MCR has all the libraries needed to run the compiled MATLAB code. Thus, you can view MCR as MATLAB without a GUI. For more info on MCR, visit this page
Given this fact, the reason why MATLAB compiler gives you only these two options is:
Option 1: Runtime downloaded from web: If you do not wish to include MCR as part of your compiled application, you can let users download it from the web, which makes the compiled application size ~ 5 MB
Option 2: Runtime included in package: If you wish to include the MCR as part of your compiled application, you can choose this. But, it will make the size of the application ~ 800 MB.
Hope this helps,
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John Taseff
John Taseff 2022년 7월 8일
We have the same issue. It is a hassle to get IT to allow installing the MCR for each user, but this only needs to be done once.
The problem is that even after MCR is installed, every time we want to deploy a new version of the compiled app, it still asks for admin rights only so it can install the MCR, which is already installed.

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