How do I run this loop to download data from yahoo finance?

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%Code to Get Matrix
fid=fopen('C:\Users\Laurentiu Galan\Desktop\Tickers2.csv');
C = textscan(fid, '%s');
%Grab First Value (Just as check)
% Calculate Number of Tickers
%Calculate Loop to download tickers
for i:Numtick <--------------Problem
thissym=????????? <--------------Problem
thisurl = strcat('', thissym, '&d=10&e=8&f=2011&g=d&a=0&b=1&c=2000&ignore=.csv');
thisfilename = strcat(thissym, '.csv');
outputfile = strcat('C:\Users\Laurentiu Galan\Desktop\tickoutput\',thisfilename);
thisfileid=fopen(outputfile, 'wt')
fprintf(thisfileid, '%s\n',thisdata)
How do i make thissym a variable that I can loop to download the data from yahoo finance? Each one of the values in thisval is a ticker.
I really appreciate your help if you can help me out with this!!!

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Fangjun Jiang
Fangjun Jiang 2011년 11월 12일
for i=1:NumTick
To learn more, see the help
help for
help cellstr
help catch
help continue
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Laurentiu Galan
Laurentiu Galan 2011년 11월 13일
thanks fangjun. You solved the question at hand. I am still getting an error related to illegal use of the word catch.

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