Find a weight matrix and bias which performs the following binary classification

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i am working on a problem and i am using matlab to find hardlim but it keeps on telling me hardlim requires Deep learning toolbox so how can i solve this

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Torsten 2024년 3월 1일
편집: Torsten 2024년 3월 1일
Write your own hardlim function (see below) or license the Deep Learning Toolbox.
N = -1+2*rand(10,5)
S1 = my_hardlim(N)
function S = my_hardlim(N)
S = zeros(size(N));
S(N>=0) = 1;

the cyclist
the cyclist 2024년 3월 1일
Some MATLAB functionality is not included in basic MATLAB, and you need to purchase a separate "toolbox". The hardlim function is in the Deep Learning Toolbox.
If you don't have this toolbox installed, you don't have access to that function. Do you think you have it? What do you get if you type
at the command line?

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