Unregcognized function or variable 'xotold'

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Gerardo 2024년 2월 18일
댓글: Walter Roberson 2024년 2월 18일
Im trying to get this function to print out the xopt and fopt but i dont know what other inputs I need to put in. How could i fix the error on xoptold?
format short
x = linspace(0,10);
xl = 0; xu = 10;
g = @(x) (2*x) ./ (4+0.8*x + x^2 + 0.2*x^3);
[xopt, fopt] = MinParabolicInterpolation(g, xl, xu)
%%Unregcognized function or variable 'xotold'
%error in MinParabolicInterpolation (line 29)
ylabel('g (d-1)');
title('Yeast Growth Rate versus Antibiotic Concentration');
function [xopt,fopt]=...
if nargin<3,error('at least 3 input arguments required'),end
if nargin<4||isempty(es), es=0.0001;end
if nargin<5||isempty(maxit), maxit=50;end
iter = 0;
x1 = xlow; x3 = xhigh;
x2 = (x1 + x3) / 2;
f1 = func(x1,varargin{:});
f2 = func(x2,varargin{:});
f3 = func(x3,varargin{:});
if f2<f1 && f2<f3, xoptold = x2; end
xopt=x2-0.5*((x2-x1)^2*(f2-f3)-(x2-x3)^2* ...
fopt = func(xopt,varargin{:});
iter = iter + 1;
if xopt > x2
x1 = x2;
f1 = f2;
x3 = x2;
f3 = f2;
x2 = xopt; f2 = fopt;
if xopt~=0,ea=abs((xopt - xoptold) / xopt) * 100;end
xoptold = xopt;
if ea<=es || iter>=maxit,break,end

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 2024년 2월 18일
if f2<f1 && f2<f3,   xoptold = x2; end

You only set xtoptold if that condition is true, but later you use it even if the condition was false

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Gerardo 2024년 2월 18일
how would I fix it so that it would run correctly?
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 2024년 2월 18일
Put an else on the
if f2<f1 && f2<f3, xoptold = x2; end
and refuse to run the while loop if the else is encountered.

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