How can I make my model run in real time on a MacBook CPU?

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Lewis Gillin
Lewis Gillin 2024년 2월 12일
댓글: Lewis Gillin 2024년 2월 12일
When I try to use the Real Time Synchronization block in the Simulink Desktop Real-Time package, I get the following warning message:
Warning: Simulink Desktop Real-Time kernel is not installed. The Simulink Desktop Real-Time blocks will not perform I/O operations and will not be synchronized to real time.
Then, when I try to install the kernel through MATLAB I get the following error message:
Error using sldrtkernel>RunInstaller
Unsupported processor architecture. Simulink Desktop Real-Time kernel requires a computer with an Intel CPU.
Is there any way to get around this on my MacBook Air (Apple M1 Chip)?
Thank you.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 2024년 2월 12일
Other Requirements
Simulink Desktop Real-Time is not supported on Apple silicon Macs.

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