How to measure running time of a code using MATLAB

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Hi. I am new in using MATLAB. I have a thesis about code optimization along with my partner. It was recommended by our adviser to use the software in order t measure the running time of the code. The code is in Java Programming Language. Now, how can I measure the running time of the code using MATLAB?
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Rehan Ashraf
Rehan Ashraf 2017년 10월 18일
hi; where you want to calculate the time of your code so first you placed tic and toc command in your script.e.g: start tic; code toc

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Lucas García
Lucas García 2011년 11월 8일
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wafa  derouaz
wafa derouaz 2016년 10월 2일
편집: wafa derouaz 2016년 10월 2일
Walter Roberson, Thank u so much. So helpful.

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Taha 2016년 5월 3일
beginn your script with tic and end it with toc. At the end the Elapsed time is showed in MATLAB in seconds.
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 2019년 6월 11일
your_variable = toc;

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