Simulation 3D Vehicle Lights

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Sully 2023년 12월 11일
편집: Nishan Nekoo 2023년 12월 14일
When using the Simulation 3D vehicle with Ground Following block in Simulink, the lights appear on when all options are set to off. With the below setup and all lights set to off (all zeros)...
the lights remain on.
How do I turn these lights off?

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Nishan Nekoo
Nishan Nekoo 2023년 12월 12일
편집: Nishan Nekoo 2023년 12월 14일
Hi Sully,
The tail lights that you see here are synchronized with the vehicle headlights (I will refer to these as running lights).
Prior to R2023b, there was no way to turn off running lights with light controls enabled, meaning the vector elements of the light controls input did not affect the vehicle running lights. However, this issue was resolved in R2023b. Now, the running lights are automatically turned on when you enable low beam or high beam headlights, to mimic how these lights would function on actual vehicles.
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Sully 2023년 12월 13일
Hello Nishan,
Thanks for the info.
This is important to me since I am demonstrating AEB functionality that requires control of the brake lights and hazards (both indicator lights enabled). Looking at a side view of the ego, that is important to show relative stopping distance, you cannot see the brake lights. Although you can see the hazard lights, the nature of the test (ISO22733) means that these are on for a very short time and aren't very useful for showing the activation of the AEB feature.
I would have liked to have been able to control the daytime running lights to clearly show when the function is activated or not, since these are visable from the side (see photo).
I appreciate that on a typical road vehicle, the brake lights may not always be viewed from the side. I just find it a bit strange that these are off until one wishes to control the lights then all the other lights are controllable but the daytime running lights aren't.
Thanks for your help.
Nishan Nekoo
Nishan Nekoo 2023년 12월 14일
Hi Sully,
Apologies for the confusion here, but I do believe that this issue has actually been resolved in the R2023b release already. Can I clarify which version of MATLAB you are using and whether updating to R2023b resolves the issue?
I will edit my initial response to indicate the above.

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