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Logarithmic scale for colorbar

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I sometimes require a plot which has a colorbar with a log scale. Previously I did this by setting the 'yscale' property of the underlying colorbar axes, but this no longer works with the new graphics system. Is there a workaround for the new system?

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Jonathan Campelli
Jonathan Campelli 15 Apr 2015
Hello Tom,
My script plots sample data in logscale using "countourf", and both "YTick" and "YTickLabel" are set in "colorbar" on the last line:
c=[1 10/3 10 100/3 100 1000/3 1000 10000/3 10000];
colormap(bone); %Color palate named "bone"
caxis(log([c(1) c(length(c))]));
If this code does not meet your needs, let me know, and I will develop a more appropriate solution,
Best regards,
Jonathan Campelli
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Bo Wang
Bo Wang 27 Apr 2020
its a really nice answer to me , thanks !

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Xiaolong 26 Mar 2020
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 27 Apr 2020
Note: that was not available at the time the question was originally asked.

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