acoustic emission cumulative energy

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Awais . 2023년 7월 10일
답변: Chunru . 2023년 7월 10일
I am beginner user of MATLAB and working on acoustic emissions. I want to ask that how we can find the acoustic emission cumulative energy of an recorded audio file or signal?

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Chunru 2023년 7월 10일
% signal
amp = sqrt(2);
f0 = 100;
fs = 1000;
% simulated signal (replace it with audio file)
x = amp*sin(2*pi*f0*(0:1/fs:5)');
dt = 1/fs;
% cumulative energy (not sure your definition of the term)
y = cumsum(x.^2)*dt;
subplot(211); plot(x);
subplot(212); plot(y); grid on


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