Variable updated in for loop iteration

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Davide Frattini
Davide Frattini . 2023년 7월 8일
댓글: Davide Frattini . 2023년 7월 8일
I have a very simple code that do not update the variable in the array during the for loop interation. It works if I run the for loop as i = 1. In that cas I can see that revenue(1) and budget_i(2) report the correct values. When the for loop interation exceed 1 interation, the arrays revenue and budget_i are no longer updated.
close = [0.01110 0.03600 0.01810 0.0208 ... 0.06470 0.00120]; % originally 126 values
revenue = zeros(1,126);
budget_i = zeros(1,126);
budget_i(1) = 100;
for i = 1
revenue(i) = budget_i(i) +(budget_i(i)*close(i));
if close(i) > 0
budget_i(i+1) = revenue(i) + 100;
elseif close(i) < 0
budget_i(i+1) = revenue(i) + 200;
%% here I have, correcly, budget_i(1) = 100; revenue(1) = 101.11; budget(2) = 201.11.
at this point I was expecting the revenue(2) calculation to work perfectly using budget_i(2) that I defined in the previous iteration but all I get in the variable array is a zero. Also revenue(1) is zero.
The code should work with for loop as for i = length(close) but revenue(i) and budget_i(i) failed to update and all I get is two arrays as revenue = zeros(1,126) and budget_i = zeros(1,126) with budget_i(1) = 100.
Any idea why it doesn't work at iteration greater than 1?

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Vilém Frynta
Vilém Frynta 2023년 7월 8일
I tested your code and revenue and budget_i were being updated.
I have no idea what the purpose of your script is, and thus I don't know you want to work with it, but if you were putting
for i = 2
then it didn't work. But if i input
for i = 1:2
then it works.
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Davide Frattini
Davide Frattini 2023년 7월 8일
Very stupid mistake of mine in defining the iteration rule. Thanks a lot!

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