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pulse with modulation

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cherif nacim
cherif nacim 2011년 2월 24일
답변: Akira Agata 2023년 4월 17일
how to implement the pulse with modulation with matlab
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Paulo Silva
Paulo Silva 2011년 2월 24일
function sig=pwmgen(f,d,np)
%plot(pwmgen(100,0.5,4));axis([0 50 -2 2])
%f is the frequency of the pulses
%d is the dutty cycle (value from 0 to 1)
%np is the number of pulses
nton=find(((t>(toff-1e-3))) & (t<(toff+1e-3)));
ntoff=find(((t>(ton-1e-3))) & (t<(ton+1e-3)));
if ton==0, nton=0,end
if toff==0, ntoff=0,end
s=[ones(1,nton) zeros(1,ntoff)];

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Akira Agata
Akira Agata 2023년 4월 17일
If you have the Communications Toolbox, how about using commsrc.pattern ?

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