Having trouble connecting simulink duty cycle signal to simscape inverter block

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I want to simulate and test motor control software using simscape pmsm motor block. For this i wanted to see if i can use the control code from mcb_pmsm_foc_hall_f28069m. Since simscape and simulink blocks have different types obviously i cannot connect them, and i thought that if i can connect the duty cycle signal to the inverter i could make it work. The problem is simscape inverter block does not have an input for me to connect the duty cycle.Then i found the code ee_pmsm_drive and wanted to use the inverter block in this code. But this time the IGBT blocks need six input signals and i only have the duty cycle signals of Vabc.

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Sabin 2023년 6월 26일
You can replace the Converter (Three-Phase) with the Averaged Value Voltage Source Converter (Three-Phase)
In this way you can pass the Modulation Waveforms (3 signals) to the electrical drive implemented in Simscape.
The following example shows how to use this block in electric drives:
I hope this helps.

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