How can I combine two vectors with different lenghts and indexes into one sum.

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I have different power measurements in two clusters and one time scale (excess delay).
and I should compute RMS value according this formula
where Pi consists of sum of values from both clusters.
I cannot figure out way to start second vector (power values of cluster 2) from index 3. OR should I write IF conditions??
I would appreciate any help :)

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Askic V
Askic V 2023년 5월 25일
편집: Askic V 님. 2023년 5월 25일
You obviously have missing values in your table. This is how I would approach to this problem:
tau = 0:10:80;
mu_tau = mean(tau);
Pc1 = [0,-5.4,-10.8,-16.2,-21.7,NaN,NaN,NaN,NaN];
Pc2 =[NaN,NaN,-3.2,-6.3,-9.4,-12.5,-15.6,-18.7,-21.8];
P = Pc1+Pc2;
RMS_val = sqrt(sum((tau-mu_tau).^2 .* P, 'omitmissing')/sum(P,'omitmissing'))
RMS_val = 10.7761

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