Can I use a campus license on a cloud computer?

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kaare 2023년 4월 26일
댓글: Walter Roberson 2023년 4월 27일
I wish to run a matlab script on a high performance computing cluster which does not have it's own matlab installation. Instead, I will use a container (like from Currently, I use an 'academic total headcount' license. Is there any way I can access that from the container, so my code will run on the remote machine as well?

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 2023년 4월 26일
if it is a public cloud then the campus wide license is already configured to be eligible.
If it is a private cloud there might be more work.
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kaare 2023년 4월 27일
이동: Walter Roberson 2023년 4월 27일
hmm, I'm not sure if this completely solves my problem? I may just misunderstand something. My question is not just whether I am allowed, but also whether I have to somehow link the container to the license? From the text on the page you link it says: I have to "supply the port number and DNS address of the network license manager". However, I activate my matlab installation using a university email, and do not use a network license manager. So, what would I do on the remote cluster?
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 2023년 4월 27일
You do not have a Concurrent license so that clause is irrelevant.

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