I am getting parse error for this following simple program

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Md Jonayet
Md Jonayet 2023년 3월 15일
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y = 1:3; %parse error at y. It is maybe an invalid mathlab syntax
secondar =[ 3 0 -1] ;
unname = polyfit(y, secondar, 1)
unname = 1×2
-2.0000 4.6667
function obiick = solve1(x)
obiick = x^3+x+8 ;
Error: File: solve1.m Line: 6 Column: 1
This statement is not inside any function.
(It follows the END that terminates the definition of the function "solve1".)
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Md Jonayet
Md Jonayet 2023년 3월 15일
I updated the code

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Steven Lord
Steven Lord 2023년 3월 15일
Please show us the full and exact text of the warning and/or error messages you receive (all the text displayed in orange and/or red in the Command Window.) The exact text, not a paraphrased version, may be useful in determining what's going on and how to avoid the warning and/or error.
My suspicion is that you opened a parenthesis, square bracket, or curly brace on a previous line but forgot to close it on that line, something along the lines of:
x = {1+1; % Note no } on this line
y = 2;
Unsupported use of the '=' operator. To compare values for equality, use '=='. To specify name-value arguments, check that name is a valid identifier with no surrounding quotes.
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Md Jonayet
Md Jonayet 2023년 3월 15일
I updated my post. Hope it would make other clear of my problem.

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