Alternative to surfaceMeshShow that shows Face Colors

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Yousuf Tariq-Shuaib
Yousuf Tariq-Shuaib 2023년 2월 23일
답변: Ajay Gajulapally 2023년 3월 1일
I'm trying to change the color of each face of a 3D surface mesh based on certain values using a surfaceMesh object. I tried using the mesh.FaceColors to change the face colors to desired colors and display it using surfaceMeshShow(mesh). Unfortunately, this is not considered for visualization with surfaceMeshShow(). Is there a way to use surfaceMeshShow() with the color of each face set to a certain value? Is there a good alternative to surfaceMesShow for a 3d surface mesh that allows me to change the color of each face?
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 2023년 2월 23일
( surfaceMeshShow appears to be from the Lidar Toolbox)
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 2023년 2월 23일
Color values for the mesh faces, specified as an N-by-3 matrix. Each row of the matrix is of the form [R G B], specifying the color value for a face. Each value must be in the range [0, 1]. N is the total number of faces in the mesh.
To set this property, specify it at object creation.

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Ajay Gajulapally
Ajay Gajulapally 2023년 3월 1일
Hello Yousuf,
As of now, there is a limitation to "surfaceMeshShow" function that doesn't display the mesh face colors specified by the "FaceColors" property of the input "surfaceMesh" object.
Refer the following documentation to know more about surfaceMeshShow and its limitations:


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