How to eliminate values after comma, in double value?

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Mira le
Mira le . 2023년 1월 24일
편집: Stephen23 . 2023년 1월 24일
Hi every one,
I have a problem
I have a set of double values
0.2000 0.2862
I want just use 0.2 and 0.2, I don t need zeros after
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Mira le
Mira le 2023년 1월 24일
In my programm , these values are decreased iteratively, so, when it remains 0.2000
the next value will be 0.1999

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Stephen23 2023년 1월 24일
A wild guess:
V = [0.2,0.2862]
V = 1×2
0.2000 0.2862
W = fix(V*10)/10
W = 1×2
0.2000 0.2000
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Stephen23 2023년 1월 24일
편집: Stephen23 님. 2023년 1월 24일
"but I need also to remove these zeros the results that I want is 0.2 and 0.2"
Then you need to first answer my question here:
It is certainly possible to display numeric values with a certain number of fractional zeros, or select the number of fractional zeros when converting to text:
N = 0.2
N = 0.2000
S = sprintf('%.1f',N)
S = '0.2'
But so far you have not made it clear if text is what you require.

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