which one do u prefer when making for loop in simulink

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진회 김 2022년 12월 28일
댓글: 진회 김 2023년 1월 3일
Now i try to make for loop system in simulink.
I know that there are two main way to make for loop. Using for iterator or making using state flow.
But i dont know which one is better way to make for loop system in model control
would you recomend me?


Mark McBroom
Mark McBroom 2022년 12월 29일
The third option is MATLAB Function block. https://www.mathworks.com/help/ecoder/ug/for-loop.html
The decision on which to use is purely up to you and your desired modeling pattern. If you are using primarily Simulink then I would recommend using the Simulink For Iterator or For Each Subsystem.
Using Stateflow or ML Function block results in a slighty longer initialization time ( C code is generated and compiled for simulation ).
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진회 김
진회 김 2023년 1월 3일
when i put a break point or make pause the run, i cant see the interner data of the for loop.

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