Is it possible to compile matlab code to Keil 5 code(C language) ?

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I have FM4 S6E2CC ARM Cortex platform communicate with it thru Keil 5. I want to compile function for adding noise to audio signal and to filter it with 2 filters in matlab. How can i insert matlab code in Keil 5 and compile to work? Should i compile matlab code with matlab compiler to c or there is another way to do that. Thanks!


Mark McBroom
Mark McBroom 2022년 12월 22일
You should use MATLAB Coder to generate C/C++ code from from your MATLAB code.
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Dubravka Lekovic
Dubravka Lekovic 2023년 1월 30일
Hello, i have tried to use MATLAB Coder to generate C/C++ code from MATLAB code and when i compile code it does not create target in Keil. I need help with setting up hardwer board( what needs to be chosen here, is it my fm4 board?) and toolchain(should i choose GNU Tools for ARM Embedded Processors or should i make toolchain for keil specialy).
Thank you

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Mark McBroom
Mark McBroom 2023년 1월 31일
Have you installed the ARM Cortext support package?
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Dubravka Lekovic
Dubravka Lekovic 2023년 1월 31일
Yes, i have installed the package but doesnt want to compile code in Keil. Is there any additional settings for this component?
Thank you for quick answer

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