How to remove specific node in XML file?

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Mark Golberg
Mark Golberg . 2022년 12월 11일
답변: Shimon Elkin . 2022년 12월 18일
please see my "xml_sample.txt" file attached. I have 4 IP nodes (4 IP lines). I'd like to remove the last 2, so my new file would have only 2 IP nodes (the first 2).
If possible, I'd like to reduce the empty lines after removal as well. Please see "xml_sample_desiredOutput.txt" file attached.
I've tried to work with "removeChild", but could understand how to call it properly.
Can someone assist please? I'm pretty sure it's only ~3-4 lines of code.
  • I'm using 2021b version.

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Shimon Elkin
Shimon Elkin 2022년 12월 18일
infoFile = fullfile(matlabroot,'toolbox/matlab/general/info.xml');
infoLabel = 'Plot Tools';
infoCbk = '';
itemFound = false;
xDoc = parseFile(Parser,infoFile);
%Load File, create DOM node Object xDoc
ProductInfo = xDoc.Children;
%Create element object. This isn’t strictly necessary, but should increase the readability of the removeChild statement
%Remove both the node for the Matlab Icon from the object
%Write the contents of the object onto a new xml file
Best of luck


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