[HDL Coder] How to keep subsystems port names when applying input/output pipelining

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I am currently developping a control algorithm which will be implemented inside a Xilinx Spartan6 FPGA. I generate the VHDL code using HDL Coder.
In order to optimize the system frequency, I use "input/output pipeline" options for several subsystems.
The problem is that the modified model, from which the code is generated, is composed of the same subsystems, but the in/out ports have different names than they have in my original design.
The names are generic ones (in0, in1,...out0, out1...) whereas I named them with explicit words according to the signals they are connected to.
My question is:
How is it possible to keep the original in/out port names for my subsystems when generating VHDL code from a modified model including input&output pipelines?
MATLAB/Simulink/HDL-Coder version: 2013b
Thanks by advance for your help.
Grégory SEABRA
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Peyman K. Reghbati
Peyman K. Reghbati 2020년 2월 14일
Actually I have the same question. Sometimes I get the right port name, sometimes the generics.

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Kiran Kintali
Kiran Kintali 2020년 2월 15일
Hi, Can you share the model and generated code? Thanks.

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