Index in position 1 exceeds array bounds. Index must not exceed 1.

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SHUBHAM SINGH 2022년 11월 29일
답변: Srija Kethiri 2022년 12월 15일
I am getting Index exceeding array size in Matlab. Can someone see the code and help. Thanks
E = zeros(1,1000);
for j = 2:9
n = 1;
E(j,n) = ((x(j,n)-x((j-1),n))*P(n,(j-1))) + ((y(j,n)-y((j-1),n))*Q(n,(j-1)))
F(j,n) = ((x(j,n)-x((j-1),n))*(P(j,n)+R((j-1),n))) + ((y(j,n)-y((j-1),n))*(Q(j,n)+S((j-1),n)))
G(j,n) = ((x(j,n)-x((j-1),n))*R(j,n)) + ((y(j,n)-y((j-1),n))*S(j,n))
H(j,n) = ((x(j,n)-x((j-1),n))*(U(j,n)-U((j-1),n))) + ((y(j,n)-y((j-1),n))*(V(j,n)-V((j-1),n)))
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Jan 2022년 11월 29일
Please post the complete error message, which teels you, in which line the code is failing. It is hard to guess this detail.
Avoid an overdoing of the perantheses. Compare:
H(j,n) = ((x(j,n)-x((j-1),n))*(U(j,n)-U((j-1),n))) + ((y(j,n)-y((j-1),n))*(V(j,n)-V((j-1),n)))
H(j,n) = (x(j,n) - x(j-1,n)) * (U(j,n) - U(j-1,n)) + (y(j,n) - y(j-1,n)) * (V(j,n) - V(j-1,n))
Dyuman Joshi
Dyuman Joshi 2022년 11월 29일
Please show the full error. It would be also helpful if you mention the sizes of all the arrays used in code.

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Srija Kethiri
Srija Kethiri 2022년 12월 15일
Hi Shubham,
I understand that you are getting an error “Index in position 1 exceeds array bounds” when you run your code.
The reason for the error is:
  • You have declared the variable “E” as an array of size [1,1000] i.e., “E” has one row and 1000 columns.
  • And in the for loop, you are trying to enter the value in E(2,1). As “E” has only one row and you are trying to access the element in the 2nd row 1st column, it is throwing the error.
To know more about arrays and accessing the elements in arrays you can refer to the following documentation:
Hope this helps!


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