App designer opening seems to kill the help window

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Michael Cole
Michael Cole 2022년 11월 25일
댓글: Jestzer 2022년 12월 17일
When starting up Matlab the help window opens up fine and displays whatever is asked. But after starting 'app designer' whenever I type something in the help search window, an empty help window appears. I have to go to a webpage to search the documentation. Is this some sort of path or environment variable issue?
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Jestzer 2022년 12월 10일
Are there any other steps you’re leaving out? Are you opening a certain file and then the issue occurs?
Michael Cole
Michael Cole 2022년 12월 10일
편집: Michael Cole 2022년 12월 11일
Yes, thanks for your interest. I've been working intensely with Tech Support to find what's causing this for a while now. I've discovered a few things. Upon opening Matlab everything involving 'help' and 'codeanalyzer' works fine. After starting 'appdesigner' everything is still fine. Upon opening any and every 'mlapp' file, both 'help' and 'codeanalyzer' show blank screens. In fact the previously opened 'help' window has now turned blank.
This problem happens on both my Macs but does not happen on my Windows 10 machine.
I did try a complete Matlab re-install but that didn't fix my problem.
Some commands Tech Support showed path errors. See below.
>> appdesigner
>> url = '';
>> cmd = sprintf('MATLABWindow --url=%s ', url);
>> system(cmd)
zsh:1: command not found: MATLABWindow
ans =
>> cd(fullfile(matlabroot,'sys','jxbrowser-chromium','maci64','chromium'))
Error using cd
Unable to change current folder to
'/Applications/' (Name is nonexistent
or not a folder).
>> !otool -L libjxbrowser-common64.dylib | grep -i found
error: /Applications/ can't open file: libjxbrowser-common64.dylib (No such file or directory)
I suspect some sort of path problem or inconsistency with XCode on my Macs.

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Suvansh Arora
Suvansh Arora 2022년 11월 30일
This can be caused for various reasons, please try below mentioned workarounds to resolve this issue:
  • Sign out "MathWorks Account" in MATLAB Desktop.
  • Restart MATLAB and sign in "MathWorks Account" again.
Attaching below related ML answers community questions for your reference,
If you still face any issues, feel free to reach out to MathWorks Technical Support.
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Michael Cole
Michael Cole 2022년 12월 2일
I've been working with tech support. The solution probably is a clean install. Even Code Analyzer is blank once appdesigner is started. Thanks for your attention.

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Michael Cole
Michael Cole 2022년 12월 17일
After struggling with this problem for weeks, Mathworks engineers and I had a conference call where I shared my Mac desktop with them and they saw that there was a problem. They are looking into it. In the meantime they provided me with a workaround that works on both my Macs. Here it is:
cd /Applications/
./bin/matlab -cefdisablegpu
This apparently disables hardware acceleration on my GPU or forces it to downscale its properties. I note this "-cefdisablegpu" issue has been used to solve several other problems users were having like this one about typing latency:
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Jestzer 2022년 12월 17일
I don’t know much about -cefdisablegpu specifically, but it sounds like the command specifically disables GPU acceleration for CEF-related things. Basically any window that uses Chromium, from my understanding. I’m curious what the full fix’ll be.

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