Plotting Only 4 Time steps

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Fares 2022년 11월 13일
댓글: Fares 2022년 11월 14일
I really failed to make my plot draw only the results of 4 time spots out of the whole time steps, I tried to use hold on but it drew every single iteration. I need just to show 4 screen shots of the evoloving temperature disutribution (begining, middle, middle 2, final), can anyone help me pls.
Thank you
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the cyclist
the cyclist 2022년 11월 13일
Here is the code, for those who do not care to download it ...
%Seconf Deravitive solution
set(0,'DefaultAxesFontName','Times New Roman')
clear *
L=0.025; % copper wire length
N = 100; % you decide, # of discretization points
% the more you increase the N number, the more it is close to the BC
NN = N + 2; % 2 represent the ghost cells.
dx = L/N;
x = linspace (-dx/2,L+dx/2,NN) % define temp. solution dx/2 3dx/2 etc..
T = 293 + sin(2*pi*x/L);
in = 2:1:(NN-1); % Internal cell
rhs = in+1 % Right hand side
lhs = in-1 %Left hand side
d2Tdx2 = (T(rhs)-2*T(in)+T(lhs))/(dx^2); %1st derivatve of the heat equation shown in the slide page 37
Ta = -sin(2*pi*x/L)*(2*pi/L)^2; %analytical
T = 293 +sin(2*pi*x/L);
%Ta = cos(2*pi*x/L)*(2*pi/L); % analytical derivative (maybe)
plot(x(in),d2Tdx2,'o-' ), hold on% we have put n to make the vectors match by excluding the ghost cells.
legend('Numerical d2Tdx2','Analytical dTdx')
%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%Start the HW%%%%%%%%%%
%solve dTdt = alpha*d2Tdx2
%using Euler method and central differnce
% for space derivative
alpha = 10.1; %m2/s
T = 300*ones(1,102)% Initalize
Tmin = 310; Tmax=300;
T(1) = 2*Tmin - T(2) %0.5*(T(1)+T(2)) = Tmin
T(NN) = 2*Tmax - T(NN-1);
dt = 0.000000001; %timestep in second
simutime = 1; %seconds
simusteps = round(simutime/dt);
d2Tdx2 = (T(rhs)-2*T(in)+T(lhs))/(dx^2);
dT = alpha*dt*d2Tdx2; %get dT in each cell
T(in) = T(in) + dT;
%set BC
%If you want to isolate the left side
% you can add T(1) = T(2)
% and comment the line below.
T(1) = 2*Tmin - T(2) %0.5*(T(1)+T(2)) = Tmin
T(NN) = 2*Tmax - T(NN-1);
plot(x(in),T(in),'r-','LineWidth',1), hold on
h=xlabel('Length (m)');
h=ylabel('Temperature (K)');
title('Part A');

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the cyclist
the cyclist 2022년 11월 13일
I expect that this if statement is not doing what you expect ...
The lines following that will be executed whenever mod(t,10) is non-zero, which is most iterations.
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Fares 2022년 11월 14일
That helps a lot.
Thank you very much for your help, it is most appreciated.

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