MISRA C2012 Amendment 1, Addentum 3

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Horst Dreßel
Horst Dreßel 2022년 11월 8일
편집: Anirban 2022년 11월 15일
support Polyspace Bugfinder R2021b or higher the requiered extensions of MISRA2012 and how can I control the usage ?

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Anirban 2022년 11월 10일
편집: Anirban 2022년 11월 15일
As of release R2022b, Polyspace Bug Finder supports all MISRA C:2012 amendments upto Amendment 2. See Polyspace Support for MISRA C:2012 Amendments. More specifically:
Note that Addendum 3 simply compares the MISRA C:2012 standard against the CERT C standard. Since the Addendum does not add new rules or modify specs of existing rules, there is no change required because of this Addendum. Polyspace Bug Finder supports both standards MISRA C:2012 and CERT C anyway.

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