How can I Ensure Transparency in parfor-Loops when using cell2table ?

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I am using parfor which contains a for loop and in it I have:
I am getting the following error:
Error using cell2table (line 39)
Transparency violation error.
See Ensure Transparency in parfor-Loops or spmd Statements.
If anyone can offer any insight into how I can solve this, I would be very grateful. I am new to parfor and while I did read certain stackexchange pages, I cannot figure it out. Thank you very much in advance. Cheers.
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Marina-Effrosyni Panteli
Marina-Effrosyni Panteli 2022년 11월 7일
Thank you for your reply.
I am using MATLAB R2019a.
The name of the file is Global_Sens.m (did I understand your question correctly?)
empty_cell_fo has been filled in prior to the lines of code I shared. However, I noticed that before the for loop I mention but still in the parfor loop, I have another case of cell2table where the cell is empty. Is an empty cell an issue and if so, how do I go around this?
Thanks again, Walter.

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Edric Ellis
Edric Ellis 2022년 11월 7일
Most of the table-building functions can have this problem if you do not specify 'VariableNames', like this (tested in R2019a):
parfor i = 1
c = {1, "foo";
2, "bar";
3, "baz"};
t{i} = cell2table(c, 'VariableNames', {'numbers', 'words'});
Starting parallel pool (parpool) using the 'Processes' profile ... Connected to the parallel pool (number of workers: 2).
numbers words _______ _____ 1 "foo" 2 "bar" 3 "baz"

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